Training Tips

Taper Clean with Panera Bread

by Steffany Rubel
Official #GameOnPGH blogger Steffany Rubel shares how you can treat your body right at Panera during taper time. Read more

Marathon Training Week 21: Your Virtual Marathon

by Karl Gruber
Your marathon is not far away and you’ve put in weeks and weeks of hard, dedicated training. Now it's almost time to race! Most athletes are well aware that visualizing their effort before an event works well but this will be especially useful if this is going to be your first race. Read more

The Unspoken Achievement

by Courtney Poullas
Something that seems to go unnoticed by many is what it actually takes to stand in a corral at the start of a long distance race. People love to focus on the race itself, and rightfully so, as it is an achievement. What about the work that went into it, though? Read more

Marathon Training Week 20: Are strength Training & Distance Running Compatible?

by Karl Gruber
Adding a strength training program to your marathon training will not only increase your performance but also create a fitter, leaner you! Read more

Marathon Training Week 19: Running Can Save Your Life

by Karl Gruber
Simply having a goal, such as training for and running a marathon, can have positive effects on your health, far beyond what you can see. So, lace up those sneakers and run, literally run, for your life! Read more

Register for the Marathon

pittsburgh marathon
Interested in joining in on the fun? Register for the Pittsburgh Marathon today!