Training Tips

Re-establish Distance Fitness with Proper Recovery

by Karl Gruber
Perhaps one of the most challenging things you have encountered after completing your race is re-establishing a running fitness level. I like to call it “distance fitness.” Re-establishing distance fitness begins with proper recovery. Read more

Keeping Your Marathon Training on Track

by Karl Gruber
The best part of consistently running and setting new goals is that so much of what you learn and experience via your running can be directly applied to almost every area of your life. Determination, perseverance, goal-setting, patience and exceeding your limitations – that’s what I’m talking about. Read more

'One and Done' Or a Lifetime of Running?

by Karl Gruber
Was the marathon you just ran the only one you will ever run? Are you a “one-and-done-er”? All I can say is that I truly hope that you’ve caught on to the amazing benefits and experiences of distance running so that you stick with it for the rest of your life. Read more

After Race Day - What's Next?

by Karl Gruber
All of the soreness has finally vanished from your body. With life flowing back into your legs, and the fact that you are now back to putting in your daily mileage, what is your next step? Is it all about maintaining a strong, healthy body via daily running, is your competitive spirit starting to am Read more

The Post Marathon Blues

by Karl Gruber
The weeks and weeks of training are finally over. You have successfully completed the race! You did it! Now what? Read more

Register for the Marathon

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