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The Demands of the Half and Full Marathon

by Karl Gruber
When learning what works for your body with nutrition and hydration, coach Karl Gruber urges you to experiment during training, not on race day! He guarantees that the majority of runners you see making unplanned pit stops on the course are learning the demands of a long distance race the hard way. Read more

Tips for a Successful Race-cation

by Brandi Gilbert
Official Blogger Brandi Gilbert has had plenty of "learning experiences" from her race travels. From packing to race prep to race day, there is a lot you can do to make the weekend go well! As you gear up for race weekend, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your race-cation. Read more

Running Buddies Can Improve Your Running Experience

by Karl Gruber
Coach Karl Gruber realized long ago that he tends to run better when running with someone else. Why is this? As far as he can tell, having another person to run with creates an unspoken accountability and expectation - not only for you but also the other person. Read more

Run For A Reason: Caily's Story

by Jordan Olander
Have you ever felt like you were too busy to dedicate yourself to running for charity? Finding the time to do anything is a daily struggle for most people, but if you have a passion, you will find a way to make time for it. Read more

Top 10 Reasons Why You Can't Miss the 10th Anniversary of the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon

by DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
The 10th running of the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon is only going to happen once, and you won't want to miss the party. Limited spots remain for our events so be sure to register before April 22 to be a part of the celebration! Read more

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