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Tips for Training & Completing the Steel Challenge

by Brandi Gilbert
Curious about the Steel Challenge? Official #GameOnPGH Blogger Brandi Gilbert shares some tips for training and conquering the Steel Challenge. Read more

Marathon Training Week 17: Putting in the necessary work

by Karl Gruber
You may be balancing a full-time job, a family and those “life issues” that pop up every now and then. Tack on training, which comes with a new level of soreness, fatigue and possible injuries, and all of a sudden you are on a roller coaster ride with your weekly mileage. How do you stay consistent? Read more

Helpful Tips on Last Minute Registration Changes

by PGH Marathon
Cheat sheet for easy step-by-step info on how to transfer your registration, switch events, or change your bib name! Or be a part of the Steel Challenge, it's easier than you think! Read more

Pro Runner Perspective: How to Balance Running with the Rest of Life

by Craig Leon
Professional runner Craig Leon shares tips on balancing life’s various responsibilities with your running goals. Read more

Marathon Training Week 16: How to Deal with Fatigue While Training

by Karl Gruber
Whether this is your first race or 25th, you cannot hide from fatigue. Because you are increasing your mileage, week after week, your body will start to pay the price. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Derek M. Hansen, states that there are three types of fatigue you must be aware of w Read more

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