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Virtual Half-Marathon: Envisioning the Race

by Karl Gruber
Many first-time distance runners are super anxious about and have almost no idea what to expect during a race. And since a long training run and a race are vastly different, coach Karl Gruber wants to get you ready for race day by leading you through a "virtual" half marathon race! Read more

Run for a Reason: Fundraising Events

by Jordan Olander
Any fundraising event can have a huge impact on your donations! From large-scale events to small social gatherings, check out our list of fundraising events if you're looking for new ways to raise money for your charity through the Run for a Reason Charity Program. Read more

Distance Running For Weight Loss and Weight Control

by Karl Gruber
Weight loss and weight control seem to be an issue for many runners. Remember that each of us has our own highly specialized needs for fueling and refueling our bodies, and for maintaining your ideal body weight, especially during training periods of high running mileage and intensity. Read more

Training Runs are Not Just for Running

by Nick Fischer
If you routinely skip eating before and/or after a workout, it will be harder to reach your fitness goals. Here is what P3R Event & Program Dietician Nick Fischer recommends when planning your pre-, mid- and post-workout meals. Read more

A Rest Day is Just as Important as Your Long Run

by Chelsea Prior
If your training plan calls for a rest day, do just that. Rest. Let your body heal and let your mind take a break. The sooner you learn to love and appreciate a rest day, the sooner your body will love you back. Read more

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