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Training Tips

Running Buddies Can Improve Your Running Experience

by Karl Gruber
Coach Karl Gruber realized long ago that he tends to run better when running with someone else. Why is this? As far as he can tell, having another person to run with creates an unspoken accountability and expectation - not only for you but also the other person. Read more

Why Marathons & Half Marathons Are Addicting

by Karl Gruber
If you are a non-runner or a runner who has yet to take on the challenge of 13.1 or 26.2 miles, it may be hard to comprehend how and why running those distances can be addicting. But coach Karl Gruber believes you will figure it out after successfully tackling long distance running and racing. Read more

Training Tips: Tapping Into Your Running Potential

by Karl Gruber
The one aspect coach Karl Gruber truly loves to witness in each runner is how and when they finally tap into their potential to become a better runner - a great runner they didn't know existed within them, waiting to be released. Read more

Training Tips: Yasso 800s

by Karl Gruber
While running 52 marathons in 52 weeks in 1996-1997, coach Karl Gruber had the great privilege of getting to know one of the most high profile running personalities in America - Bart Yasso - and learning about the Yasso 800 workout that reliably predicts what your marathon time will be. Read more

Can Running A Marathon Make You A Superhero?

by Karl Gruber
Go to almost any marathon, and coach Karl Gruber is sure you can count any number of runners racing in superhero costumes. When he says running 13.1 or 26.2 miles makes you feel like a superhero, he means figuratively - or does he? Read more

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