Run for a Reason: Communication Tips and Tricks

by Jordan Olander
To be successful in your fundraising journey, it essential to utilize all of your communication channels. In addition to in-person communication, social media, emails and handwritten letters will help you to build relationships and stay connected with your donors. Here are some tips that you can use when communicating with your donors when fundraising for the Run For A Reason Charity Program presented by Bank of America.

Social Media
Social media skills are important to have in the fundraising process. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more networks available at your fingertips, there is no reason why you can’t have success with fundraising through each platform. You can seek donations, recognize donors, provide training updates and raise awareness almost instantaneously. And don't forget to follow these social media best practices to enhance your social media efforts:
  • “Like” or follow your charity and the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon (@PGHMarathon). Also include them in your posts to receive more visibility.
  • Include hashtags in your posts to start or join a conversation. One relating to your charity and one related to the marathon, such as #PGHMarathon, #10yearsrunning or #GameonPGH.
  • Use pictures and logos as visual elements in posts.
  • Recognize your donors by mentioning them in a genuine and unique post. Don’t forget to thank them personally as well. 
  • Use  to shorten your fundraising page URL and include the link in your posts. This makes it cleaner and easier to read.
  • Always talk about your goal. Is it $500? Make sure your social media connections know how far you are away from your goal at that moment in time. 
  • Remember that social media is a way to tell your story. Make a Facebook LIVE post or YouTube video to showcase your efforts and help your supporters visualize where their money will go.
  • Encourage your connections to share your posts. Make sure they are relevant and interesting enough that your friends want to share!
  • Never forget the call to action. Do you want them to donate? Run with you? Learn more about the cause? Volunteer on race morning? Share the most relevant information that gets your point across. 

Email is taking the place of good old-fashioned letter writing; however, we don’t recommend using it as your sole method of communication for fundraising. While it is a quick and easy tool, it should be used for reminders, promotions or quick messaging rather than for your original ask for donations. 

Email is also a great place to link out to your fundraising page, organization’s website and other articles on your cause when following up with potential donors. When using email, be sure to make a compelling subject line so it doesn’t end up being overlooked.

Letter Writing
Mailing a personal letter to friends, family and co-workers is another way to ask for support. A handwritten letter or note is a dying art, which is why most individuals appreciate the thoughtfulness and time it takes to prepare, write and send a tangible letter. 

You can also ask your organization if it is possible to provide letterhead and labels. If you type the letter, add the personal touch of a handwritten note at the bottom. 

Using a combination of these methods will help you connect with all of your donors. There may be people that look forward to that letter in the mail or others who constantly check your social media to see a progress update. Itis important to know your audience and communicate with your potential donors via the channels that they are fond of and familiar with.

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