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Share Your Love of Running to Earn Big!

Want a chance to earn back some of that registration fee? It’s easy — just do what you already do and gather your friends and family to run our awesome race with you! 

Start Sharing Today

How does it work?
When you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the race. Inside that email is a personal URL that you can share with friends and family. Every time that link is used by someone who completes a registration, we’ll keep a tally.

What can I earn?
For every 5 people referred, you will receive $25 as a full or half marathon runner or relay team:
  • Recruit a total of 5 people to register and we’ll give you $25 back
  • Recruit a total of 10 people and we'll give you $50 back ($25 + $25 = $50) 
  • Recruit a total of 15 people and we'll give you $75 back ($25 + $25 + $25 = $75)
  • Recruit 20 people and we'll send you some bonus swag
Please note, referral refunds will be awarded after race weekend via check from Race Roster. The maximum refund allowed is $75 or what you paid for your registration if you paid less than $75.

How do I participate?
In order to start earning the above referral levels, please note the following: 
  • Referrals can only be credited to you when a registration is completed using your unique URL. Make sure your friends and family use your link to get to the registration site when they complete their registration!
  • Your unique URL can be found in a few places: in your confirmation email, or in your Race Roster account under the Promote this Race heading.
  • This referral program as outlined above is good for full, half and relay runners!
  • Relay teams will receive a URL to share as well. However, only the captain will be refunded money, so be sure to share the captain's URL. If you recruit another relay TEAM, it counts only as 1 referral.

Can 5K runners participate?
Yes. But the refund levels are different, given the cost of the 5K entry.  For every 5 people referred, you will receive $5.  Maximum refund allowed is $15.