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Nutrition is an Important Part of the Puzzle

by Tony Deluca
While running your scheduled training plan is the primary focus of race preparation, nutrition is another piece to the race-day puzzle. Official Blogger Tony Deluca shares what has worked for him when it comes to fueling for different races in hopes it will help you! Read more

Supporting Your Runner: A How-to Guide for Friends and Family

by Karen Zehner
Often, runner's loved ones struggle to find ways to support their runner as they go through the training period. Official Blogger Karen Zehner wanted to offer some suggestions on how you can be the best support system for the runner in your life. Read more

A Rest Day is Just as Important as Your Long Run

by Chelsea Prior
If your training plan calls for a rest day, do just that. Rest. Let your body heal and let your mind take a break. The sooner you learn to love and appreciate a rest day, the sooner your body will love you back. Read more

A Match Made In Training Heaven

by LeAnne Young
Official Blogger LeAnne Young has complied a list of her top seven cross training tips that have proved to be beneficial. Her goal is to follow them as she trains for the this year's Pittsburgh Marathon and hopes they will also help you as you train for your next big event! Read more

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Running

by Adrian Crouch
Official Blogger Adrian Crouch has almost seven years of running experience under her belt. She wants to share the things she wishes she would've known before starting running in hopes they might be helpful tips for other runners in training. Read more

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