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Training Tips: Itís Okay to Walk

by Chelsea Prior
If youíre thinking about signing up for your first race ever or maybe trying out your first double-digit mile race, donít be afraid to walk. Itís truly okay to walk! Read more

Training Tips: How to Fit Training into Your Busy Schedule

by Karl Gruber
Whatever your schedule, the bottom line is that you have to make running a priority that you absolutely need to fit in somewhere in your day. Much of how your training plays out will also depend on your passion or how important it is to you. Read more

Celebrating #10YearsRunning in Pittsburgh

by Erin Carlin
In 2018, P3R is thrilled to host the 10th Anniversary of the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. We'll be marking #10YearsRunning from now until the weekend of May 4-6, 2018, but thatís not all we'll be celebrating. This milestone anniversary gives us a chance to commemorate so much more. Read more

Run For A Reason: Seasonal Fundraising Ideas

by Jordan Olander
Looking for fresh ideas to help you with fundraising for the Run For A Reason Charity Program presented by Bank of America? Fundraising does not have to involve just asking family and friends for donations. There are a lot of easy and enjoyable ways to raise money for your cause. Read more

How Do You Know When Youíre Ready To Run Your First Half Marathon?

by Karl Gruber
So just how do you know when you are ready to run your first half-marathon? As a runner and coach for almost 40 years, my first reaction is to say, ďDonít do too much too soon!Ē There is a proper way to prepare so you can decide if you are ready to run your first 13.1 mile race. Read more

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