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Meet Nuun, Our Official Hydration Partner

by DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
Nuun is our chosen hydration partner for the DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events. We will be serving Nuun Hydration products on race day and encourage all of our participants to train with what will be on course! Read more

Your Life and the Marathon: Finding Balance

by Karl Gruber
While you don't have to commit to running 100 miles a week, unless you're an elite athlete of course, coach Karl Gruber knows training for a half or full marathon means that you need to figure out how to make it work so you can maintain a good run-life balance. Read more

Marathon Basics: Training, Gear and More

by Karl Gruber
Whether an experienced or new runner, you should review the basic tenets of running long distances before you take your first step. Follow along as Coach Karl Gruber reviews basic training principles, running gear basics and basic goal setting to help you prepare for your training season. Read more

What Moves You: Adrian's Story

by Adrian Crouch
If you would've known me before my health journey, I hated anything fitness related. Since that time, I have fallen in love with running, was sidelined by Lyme disease, overcome the disease to run again and have now completed 10 full marathons. And I'm looking forward to number 11 on May 5, 2019! Read more

Tips to Stay Warm and Safe During Winter Running

by Courtney Poullas
It's January, and that means winter running is in full swing! Running in any kind of extreme weather requires safety precautions before, during and after your runs. Official Blogger Courtney Poullas shares some tips to make sure you can safely enjoy your winter running to the fullest. Read more

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